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Natural Language Understanding for

Market Research Insights

Deliver high-quality insights to clients

– no codebooks required.

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Ditch manual text analysis with a no-code solution.

With no-code, AI-powered text analytics in Luminoso, setup is as simple as uploading a CSV file of your client data.

Shorten the

insight-to-action cycle.

Contextual understanding of language in Luminoso gives you direct control of data exploration, analyses, and deliverables.

Rich visualizations,

maximum impact.

Eliminate steps between analysis and presentation with powerful visualizations that cut to the heart of critical insights and recommended actions.

Learn why leading market insights professionals

turn to Luminoso.


Market insights,

minus the coding.

Your expertise is wrapped up in your ability to process and rigorously analyze text data that deciphers market needs. It’s time for your analytics solution to support you.

No-code text analytics

in action at C Space

See how C Space analyzed caregiver text feedback for a pharmaceutical client, delivering rapid findings across 9 months’ worth of data – and multiple streams of text.

Experience the power of leading

natural language understanding. 

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