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Computational linguistics and the Wild West

So I was watching For a Fistful of Dollars last night and thought about all the awesome things that make the heroes of Westerns so fun to watch.

And then I applied it to how we distill the Voice of the Customer here at Luminoso, and I was amazed to discover that we are a lot like good ole’ Clint (or at least the guys he portrays).

No rules

Don’t get me wrong, I don't mean we're above the law. But we did leave 1980’s style of rules and ontology creation behind – because those only allow you to find what you are looking for. Instead, we have embraced vector-based models that deal with the world of customer feedback as it is, warts and all.


When you ride into a new town and the silence is eerie, and the saloon is very quiet and people are barely drinking ... well, clearly something's up. For us, to go with the vector-based approach, we have ConceptNet (of MIT Media Lab fame) which models the world, and provides context.

The sun is hot. Cats meow, they like milk, they dislike dogs, they are mammals. Context is everything and is what allows our software to get at concepts, and understand meaning. (By the way, our software is street-smart, but we do have a few PhDs around.)

Ready for anything

A true hero is ready for anything. Same with us: no matter what channel is thrown at us – email, reviews, social media, survey results – we can handle it. And whether we need to read 300 or 300,000 documents, Luminoso can do that without breaking a sweat.


What can I say? It's all about the grit. And not pulling any punches. And using live bullets. And ... ok ok, you get the picture. We don’t feed you some pseudo-analytics about amorphous “sentiment” – it is only the appearance of knowledge. We provide crisp and actionable insights that distill concepts, relationships and people’s emotional connections to them. Whether the good the bad or the ugly in the voice in the voice of your audience, you'll be able to get it from Luminoso.


You've got to draw your gun quickly, and shoot first and true. Insights are only good if they are timely and you can do something about them or with them. Our processing is blazing fast and the analysis and insights are yours in real-time, to support your decision making.

So go ahead, be a hero.


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