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Why you shouldn’t ignore positive customer feedback

One of the first questions our clients usually ask us is “What do our customers think we should be doing better?”

It’s a great question, and analyzing customer feedback to answer it makes perfect sense. Companies must find out what their customers’ pain points are in order to take steps to mitigate those and improve the overall customer experience.

Unfortunately, in their rush to uncover those pain points, it’s all too common for companies to dismiss the positive feedback they receive from their customers. They don’t believe that analyzing data from happy customers will yield particularly useful insights. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Identifying what your customers think should be improved is only half of the story. It’s equally important to understand what features, benefits, or experiences are driving customer satisfaction… in other words, what are your “bright spots”? What do your customers say is working well for your company now, and how can you do more of it?

Let’s take one of our clients, a global leader in web hosting services, as an example. This company had surveyed their customers out of desire to gauge satisfaction, pain points, and drivers of loyalty. This company joined forces with Luminoso to quickly process and analyze the tens of thousands of customer text responses they had received.

The company’s initial desire was to focus on customer pain points. Using Luminoso’s natural language understanding software, they discovered some important drivers of frustration:

  • Sloppy transition process experienced by users of a smaller web hosting service that had been acquired and absorbed

  • Concerns about the reliability and stability of the cloud and server

  • Too many emails soliciting customer feedback

These insights were incredibly useful to the web hosting company, and they were ready to stop there with their analysis. However, we encouraged them to take a closer look at their positive customer comments. As it turns out, their customers were just as vocal about what they loved about the company and its services:

  • Product reliability and uptime, as well as specific features such as load balancing

  • Dedication and responsiveness of the customer support team

  • Good value for the price

Taking a closer look at this subset of the data helped the company pinpoint key drivers of customer satisfaction, which provided direction for what they should emphasize in their communications with their customers.

In your next customer experience initiative, make sure you ask yourself what your company’s bright spots are. What do your customers appreciate about the products or services you provide now? How can you scale what is working well to increase customer satisfaction, in addition to addressing customer pain points? Understanding and acting upon this will help you provide the best experience possible to your customers.

You can read more about how this web hosting company leveraged Luminoso to uncover customer delighters and pain points here.


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