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Can employee engagement improve customer loyalty?

A global telecom company discovered the connections between employee engagement and customer loyalty.


The business analytics team at a large telecom company had been compiling and analyzing customer and employee feedback using traditional statistical methods. The problem was that these methods only worked well with quantitative data, and the team quickly realized that open-ended responses held the true insights they were looking for.

The business analytics team had collected over 1.3 million anonymous comments from customers and employees, across 5 sources, over the course of one year

Uncovering Insights

In minutes, Luminoso Daylight enabled them to discover the key drivers of employee satisfaction that were also having an impact on customer satisfaction.

After automatically identifying the most relevant topics in their data, Luminoso Daylight visualized them as groups of related concepts. These individual concepts could then be explored to discover the various emotions, topics, and connections between what people were saying about different themes.

The team was also able to filter their view based on metadata like source (employee vs. customer), NPS category (promoter, passive, detractor), geographic region, and many others. This ability to discover new insights and spot relationships between employee and customer feedback was game-changing for the team.


Initially, they were concerned about analysts inadvertently skewing the results by cherrypicking keywords or being subject to confirmation bias. With Luminoso, they were able to avoid a reliance on extensive keyword lists and ontologies created by human analysts. Instead, focusing on unearthing the true relationships between employee comments and feedback from customers.

One finding that surfaced right away was that customers felt as though employees in retail stores did not always have the same information as those in the call centers. This quickly bubbled to the surface in the employee feedback as well through a desire for more tools, resources, and training in order to feel more confident when answering customers’ questions.

Armed with this insight, the company was able to provide more tools, resources, and training to its frontline employees. Over the course of the project, the number of employees and customers talking about this issue decreased substantially, ultimately validating their findings.

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