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Luminoso featured in O'Reilly's "Current State of Machine Intelligence 3.0"

O'Reilly recently published their annual landscape of machine intelligence companies, along with an excellent overview of the state of the industry and how businesses are beginning to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning. We were thrilled to see that Luminoso has been included in their landscape as a technology stack / natural language company.

Shivon Zilis and James Chan, the authors of this overview, also made some excellent points about how the industry has changed over the past year and the key struggles that business users may face.

They point out that despite the proliferation in chatbot technology over the past year, people still have inaccurate expectations of how human-like a conversation with a bot will be. In their words, "we assume anything with a conversation interface will converse with us at near-human level. Most do not." 

While the quality of chatbot technology and the natural language processing behind it will continue to improve, Zilis and Chan suggest that many users will feel disillusioned for a time. This observation reflects what we've seen in the market ourselves. Our VP of Product Management, Dmitry Grenader, just wrote a post about how people often unnecessarily reject machine intelligence if it doesn't look and perform just as a human would.

Zilis and Chan also dive into the issue of trusting machine intelligence. They point out that while we trust our colleagues to make subjective decisions based on imperfect information, it can be daunting for executives to extend that trust to a machine. As we have seen here at Luminoso, this can seem even more intimidating when the science behind the machine continues to advance. Alice Kaanta, a product manager here at Luminoso, wrote about this very topic a few weeks ago.


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