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Start capturing the true voice of your employees

At Luminoso, we’re all about helping companies discover the value hiding in their feedback. But those insights don’t have to be limited to your customers. We also help companies learn more about their employees and the topics that are important to them. That way, the employee experience can be improved, ultimately enhancing the company’s ability to deliver products and services that customers will value.

Whether you’re trying to understand if employees are happy with the latest benefits package, or you want to do a deep dive into specific departments or locations by topic, we’ve got you covered.

To paint a clearer picture of how this might work out in the wild, here are two customer stories that really highlight the value lying dormant in your employee feedback.

US-Based Telecommunications Provider:

Their HR team was attempting to read through over 40,000 annual employee surveys to discover what their workforce was really talking about. But of course, the sheer volume and manual work involved in sifting through tens of thousands of open-ended comments made this an insurmountable task.

With Luminoso up and running in just a few days, the team was able to investigate hunches they’d had based on past feedback. This started with negative sentiment they initially thought was about the city that the company is headquartered in. But they found their assumptions were way off.

It turned out that employees were actually upset that all of the investment in infrastructure was going to the headquarters, while their own offices were falling apart. They also found that executives spent all of their time at the headquarters but never visited the satellite offices, causing them to feel like they were playing second fiddle.

The HR team began focusing on ways to balance the support each branch received and ensure every employee across all of their locations was satisfied with the attention the company gave them. With Luminoso, they discovered both positives and negatives that they didn’t even know to look for in the first place. Not to mention the connections in their data they’d never previously explored.

US-Based Hotel Chain:

With over 5,000 hotels and annual employee feedback in the hundreds of thousands, this customer was interested in all of their employees. Their HR team wanted to understand how employees from corporate, to managers, and all the way down to maids felt about new benefits programs, retirement perks, and their daily work environments.

The problem was that this kind of open-ended feedback was not only too large to read through by the team, the nuances in their language made it difficult to capture trends or  share topics. Luminoso started with a year's worth of data, and in a couple of days we were able to give them insights that shed light on issues they’d long been trying to remedy but didn’t fully understand.

We didn’t just take their data at face value either. Luminoso helped capture the meta data hiding in their feedback to decipher who gave each review and then view them in bulk. This way, subset key terms or trends based on date could be explored alongside the unique elements within each dataset, which enabled them to make training, onboarding, or support changes for each location or employee group.

For more on how Luminoso helps companies understand their employees better, check out the full case study.


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