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March 18, 2020

Luminoso Offers Cloud-based Text Analytics Application through Partner Program

BOSTON, March 18, 2020 — Luminoso, the company that turns unstructured text data into business-critical insights, today announced that the company’s cloud-based text analytics application Daylight Express is now available to channel partners through the Luminoso Partner Program.

“Many of the text analytics solutions on the market today require an immense amount of time, effort, and data science expertise to set up in a way that actually helps organizations discover valuable insights from their text data,” said Adam Carte, CEO of Luminoso. “Luminoso has been developing AI-powered text analytics solutions for the last decade, and with the recent launch of Daylight Express, we give organizations the fastest and most cost-effective way to derive critical insights from survey responses, support tickets, and chat transcripts.”

Unlike other text analytics solutions, Daylight Express allows organizations to start understanding their unstructured text data immediately — without the need for training, coding, libraries, or ontologies to fully analyze text and quantify feedback. Using Daylight Express, users can quickly perform key text data analyses such as sentiment, score drivers, and theme detection. Key benefits of Daylight Express include:

  • Providing organizations the best time to value when analyzing customer data: Daylight Express instantly understands newly-uploaded text data, even with a constantly-evolving vocabulary. This enables users to identify trends and emerging issues faster than ever before.

  • Helping employees across departments quickly act on customer feedback: Business and technical users alike can derive analytical value and deep insights in minutes after uploading a dataset to Daylight Express, allowing them to make informed decisions, fixes, and improvements to their products and services.

  • Allowing organizations to understand their global customer bases: Daylight Express can natively process unstructured text data in 15 languages, including Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

“The initial response to Daylight Express has been tremendous,” added Carte. “Based on the adoption we’ve seen in the few months since launching, and the conversations we’ve had with our channel partners about the continually increasing business demand for text analytics solutions, Daylight Express will provide an analytical tool sought after by many of our channel partners’ customers.”

Daylight Express is part of Luminoso’s suite of AI-powered text analytics applications, which include Luminoso Daylight, the company’s enterprise-grade natural language understanding (NLU) solution for analyzing unstructured text data; Luminoso Compass, a platform for processing, categorizing, and tagging streaming text data like call and chat transcripts; and Search Enhancement, an NLU-powered application that offers organizations across all industries the fastest way to achieve better results from their existing search engines. All of these products are available to Luminoso’s channel partners.

Luminoso offers flexible channel partnership relationships to work with each individual reseller’s business model. To learn more about becoming a Luminoso partner, visit

About Luminoso

Luminoso builds text analytics products for analyzing conversational text data like support tickets, open-ended survey responses, and reviews. Using common-sense artificial intelligence to understand language, we empower organizations to discover, interpret, and act on what people are telling them. Requiring little setup, maintenance, or training, Luminoso combines world-leading natural language understanding technology with a vast knowledge base to learn words from context – like humans do – and instantly analyze text without libraries. Our products provide native support in 15 languages, so leaders can explore text data, make sense of feedback, and surface business-critical insights.


Luminoso is privately held and headquartered in Boston, MA.

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