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November 13, 2019

Luminoso Joins UiPath’s RPA Ecosystem to Help Companies Improve Customer Experience

BOSTON, November 13, 2019 — Luminoso, the company that turns unstructured text data into business critical insights, today announced a partnership with UiPath, the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company. As a member of UiPath Go!, the open, free and transparent marketplace for automation and AI, UiPath customers can use Luminoso’s software for automating the classification of all text-based customer communications, enabling fast and accurate routing of high volumes of inquiries.

“Organizations today need to be able to respond to outreach from customers in both a timely and meaningful fashion. However, customer service representatives find themselves spending more time triaging, trying to understand the nature of the inquiry rather than being able to provide targeted resolution,” said Ying Chen, chief product and marketing officer at Luminoso.

The Luminoso ticket classification automation is built on top of Luminoso Compass, a supervised classification platform that empowers global brands to automate the ticket triage process. With Luminoso, UiPath users can classify and label streaming unstructured conversational text to predict the best classifier, which in turn can be used to feed into any customer service automation platform to drive workflow.

“This is why we are so excited to be a part of UiPath’s RPA ecosystem, where this non-invasive technology enables enterprises who may have already deployed an integration automation for their ticketing system to be able to pass these tickets to Luminoso,” continued Chen. “The new Luminoso ticket automation classifies tickets so that your customer service representatives can get back to helping customers — and away from reading through tickets.”

To learn more about using Luminoso through UiPath’s Partner Program, visit

About Luminoso

Luminoso builds text analytics products for analyzing conversational text data like support tickets, open-ended survey responses, and reviews. Using common-sense artificial intelligence to understand language, we empower organizations to discover, interpret, and act on what people are telling them. Requiring little setup, maintenance, or training, Luminoso combines world-leading natural language understanding technology with a vast knowledge base to learn words from context – like humans do – and instantly analyze text without libraries. Our products provide native support in 15 languages, so leaders can explore text data, make sense of feedback, and surface business-critical insights.


Luminoso is privately held and headquartered in Boston, MA.

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