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February 10, 2021 Chooses Luminoso to Power Search Engine Results

BOSTON, February 10, 2021 —, the place to discover and buy amazing things, today announced that it has implemented Luminoso Search Enhancement, an application of Luminoso's leading natural language understanding to augment any search engine. is a leading e-commerce site to aid social discovery of extraordinary lifestyle products, connecting creators, curators and consumers to brands from around the world. Entering the 2020 holiday season with more than 2.6M active installs of Fancy iOS and Android apps, and receiving millions of visitors from more than 120 countries, the company was looking for a way to help customers more quickly discover the products they were looking for.

To improve its search engine results, implemented Luminoso Search Enhancement, which supplements existing search engines by expanding their indexes. Leveraging Luminoso’s proprietary natural language modeling system, Search Enhancement augments keywords into lists of related topics, and offers intuitive responses to searches that contain misspellings, acronyms, domain-specific terminology, slang, and words with multiple meanings.

“We were looking for a powerful and easy-to-implement application that would significantly expand the functionality of our existing search engine,” said Greg Spillane, CEO of “Luminoso Search Enhancement has exceeded our expectations, and our team couldn’t be more impressed with the results we’ve seen.”

With Luminoso Search Enhancement, has experienced:

Better search engine results: Luminoso Search Enhancement surfaces not only exact terms, but also any other related ways people might express them, to help deliver complete search results regardless of industry-specific words, misspellings, and slang.

Improved employee productivity: Search Enhancement eliminated the manual work, time, and continuous updates that’s website team previously did to create and maintain keyword lists.

Increased conversion rate: implemented Search Enhancement in October, and saw a 150% increase in conversion rate when compared to the previous year holiday season (Oct 1st – Dec 31st).

Search Enhancement with Luminoso can augment any type of search engine, including those used for e-commerce sites, intranet systems, or wikis. Search Enhancement features APIs that enable organizations to easily integrate the application into their existing search engine solution. To learn more about Search Enhancement with Luminoso, visit

About Fancy

Fancy is a global marketplace, expertly curated to help our customers browse, discover, shop and share the coolest products and brands from around the world. Unlike the traditional marketplace, we vet each and every brand featured on Fancy partnering only with those who share our passion for unpretentious quality - sometimes with a twist. 

In a world that is rapidly shifting online, Fancy is on a mission to reimagine eCommerce and bring shopping back to its true social roots. Connect with your friends, family and community while you uncover emerging brands and Fancy finds, making shopping not just what you buy, but how you buy it. Discover more at

About Luminoso

Luminoso builds text analytics products for analyzing conversational text data like support tickets, open-ended survey responses, and reviews. Using common-sense artificial intelligence to understand language, we empower organizations to discover, interpret, and act on what people are telling them. Requiring little setup, maintenance, or training, Luminoso combines world-leading natural language understanding technology with a vast knowledge base to learn words from context – like humans do – and instantly analyze text without libraries. Our products provide native support in 15 languages, so leaders can explore text data, make sense of feedback, and surface business-critical insights.


Luminoso is privately held and headquartered in Boston, MA.

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