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Natural Language Understanding for

Voice of the Consumer

Quickly uncover issues and learn what's
really driving customer sentiment. 

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Better understanding for

better customer experience.

It isn't enough to make educated guesses about what customers want. Get a full picture of issues impacting satisfaction and loyalty before churn.

Shorten the

insight-to-action cycle.

Contextual, nuanced understanding of issues and topics in text feedback gives you direct, immediate control of critical actions and fixes.

Ditch manual review and

focus on what matters.

Instead of wasting time trying to understand feedback, spend it fixing gaps in journeys, launching products, and continuously innovating.

Learn why leading CX and customer insights professionals turn to Luminoso.


Detecting emerging issues

with text analytics

Learn what emergent issues drive your customer metrics and cause gaps in journeys, to anticipate the best fixes – and retain and keep customers happy.


Operationalizing feedback

Learn how athenahealth operationalized customer feedback to drive timely product improvements, save analyst resources, and better serve its customers.

Experience the power of leading

natural language understanding. 

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