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Natural Language Understanding for

Voice of the Employee

Get to the heart of understanding what
matters most to your employees.

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Fearlessly ask and answer the most important EX questions.

AI-powered text analytics free you to ask open-ended questions in employee surveys, giving you the confidence, power, and ability to analyze and understand nuanced answers. 

Instant insight-to-action

for all users.

Contextual understanding of language in Luminoso gives HR professionals direct control of feedback exploration and analyses – no coding or data science experience required.

Understand sentiment across your workforce

With Concept-Level Sentiment in Luminoso, get a detailed view of how employees feel about issues, at all levels of your organization. 

Learn why leading HR and EX professionals

turn to Luminoso.


Text analytics: Listening to the Voice of the Employee

Learn about the value of AI-powered text analytics solutions in helping organizations understand the voice of their employees (VoE) to improve satisfaction and experience.


From feedback to action

Using Luminoso Daylight, see how Hilton was able to process team member comments in minutes, evolving how the brand turns comments from employees into action.

Experience the power of leading

natural language understanding. 

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