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Settings page guide

In 2019, Luminoso redesigned account handling in Daylight. This included clarifying roles and permissions, better password rules, more secure API token management and more intuitive management overall. For returning users, this update replaces “accounts” with “workspaces,” and introduces “organizations.” Workspaces allow users in organizations to have permission levels for each workspace.

The new Settings page combines the former User Settings page and former Account Settings page. Admins can use the options on the Settings page to ensure that Daylight organizations, workspaces, and user accounts are running smoothly. Depending on your organization role, you may not have access to all the options displayed here. Check out our Roles and actions in Daylight page to find out what actions are possible for each role.

With this infrastructure change, you can set up separate workspaces so that users only see as much data as they need. For instance, one user in an organization may need to create projects in one workspace, but only has to view data in another. Now, you also can create as many long-lived API tokens for authenticating integrations as you need. Tokens are only visible immediately after creation.

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