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  • Satoshi Asari

Introducing Highlights and Sentiment in Luminoso Daylight

Since its launch in 2015, Luminoso’s core application for analyzing conversational text data has distinguished itself by working without libraries, ontologies, or lengthy setup. Our team is always searching for the quickest, most effective ways to analyze unstructured text data for business and technical users alike. We want all of our customers to uncover critical insights in their datasets, regardless of their coding and data science capabilities.

Luminoso Daylight continues to deliver on this promise with the release of two new features: Highlights and Sentiment. With these additions, our users will be able to conduct even more powerful analyses of their unstructured text, faster than ever.

Highlights: The answers-first approach

The Highlights feature now welcomes users after uploading or logging in to each project. Immediately dive into analysis – answers first.

Highlights identifies key insights in text data and displays them in one place, so users can quickly and easily understand datasets before taking a closer look. This feature eliminates the need for code: customers at all levels of data science can uncover insights, minutes after uploading a dataset, answering questions such as “What issues are affecting my score?” and “What topics are mentioned most often in my data?” Users can easily share project metadata and important metrics across teams, making seamless collaboration a reality.

Sentiment: Know and understand how people are feeling

Luminoso Daylight now provides advanced document-level sentiment for concepts, identifying the words and phrases that people feel most strongly about. Sentiment reports on the presence of positive, negative, and neutral feeling in datasets, so our customers can understand how people experience their products and services.

In this feature, users can perform analyses on entire datasets or specific subsets to see different contextual views. No scores or sentiment word definitions are required to get started, so qualitative data is instantly analyzed without setup. This faster time-to-insight means teams can focus on higher-value objectives, such as addressing critical improvements, fixes, and decision-making for both their organizations and the people they serve.

Visit our site to learn more and see Highlights and Sentiment in action.


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